Elementor Popup Mega Menu

Lyon Lazarus Tips & Tricks

TOPIC: How to use Elementor templates to create an Elementor Popup Mega Menu

(1) Instead of using the Nav Menu widget, use the Icon List widget.

(2) Content
     (A) Set Layout to Inline
     (B) Create each menu item separately
          (1) Link > Popup > Action = Open Popup > Select the correct template
          (2) Note: Each Nav item will have its own Elementor Popup template

(1) Create each Popup Template
     (A) Templates > Popups > Add New > Enter the name > Create Template
     (B) Create from scratch, 4 column layout
          (1) Edit Popup Settings
               (a) Width: 100 VW
               (b) Height: Fit To Content
               (c) Horizontal: Center
               (d) Vertical: Top
               (e) Overlay: Hide
               (f) Close Button: Show
               (g) Entrance Animation: Fade In Down
               (h) Exit Animation: Fade Out Up
               (i) Style > Popup > Background-color: transparent
          (2) Edit Section
               (a) Style > Background-color: white
               (b) Advanced > Margin-top: 80px